Document Processing

Last Updated: Oct 5, 2021


I need to extract the Invoice Number, date, PO number, and Amount from an invoice. I am unable to toggle the Invoice number, Invoice Date, and PO number fields to be extracted to proceed. Image description

The mentioned columns are predefined columns in the table and are already toggled to Extracted by default. No further actions are needed on the predefined columns.

I created Document table with the required column's address and one inline table. But when I try to edit the document I am processing, these columns are not visible in the Document familiarization window.

Check if you have toggled the Extract button to Extracted for these columns. Only then they will appear in the Document familiarization window.
It is toggled to New, only if you do not want to extract it from the document and populate it later in the Tasks.

After exporting and importing the app, few records from the category table in exported app are missing in the imported app?

The documents which are unapproved or deleted in the exported app, before exporting the app, will not be exported and hence those records are missing in the imported app. Base Documents should be present before export.
To fix this issue re-train all the deleted documents and approve all the documents which are not approved and then proceed with export-import.

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