Jiffy Bot Installation


This section explains how to install and run Jiffy Bot on a Windows environment.


To know more about Infrastructure Requirement for the Prerequisites of BOT/windows, click here.

Bot Installation Steps

  1. Download the Jiffy Client installer from either of the following locations:
    1. Download location hosted in the internet. Consult Jiffy support team for different versions.
    2. Navigate to the Task Design Canvas and click the Download Client Installation option in the Image description menu. Image description

      • To navigate to the Task Design Canvas, do the following:
        • Create an App.

        • Click the created app.
        • Create a Task.
        • Click the Task ID of the created task

  2. In the Choose what to download dialog box, select both the components and click the DOWNLOAD button. Image description
  3. Extract the downloaded file

    The versions in the screenshots may differ from the version that the user is running.

  4. In the extracted folder, right click the Jiffy-Bot-Manager.exe file, select the Run as Administrator option. Image description

  5. Click the Yes button to allow the app to be installed.
    Image description

  6. Click the Next button to start the installation.
    Image description

  7. Select the Complete option and click the Install button. Image description

  8. Close any instance of Google Chrome running during the installation, when the installer prompts the following dialog box. Click the OK button to continue.
    Image description

  9. In the installer configuration window, specify the Jiffy Server Domain Name and the License ID. Click the SUBMIT button.

    These details are provided with the installation instructions.

    Image description

  10. Once the installation is complete, reboot the machine.
    Image description

Run Jiffy Diagnostic tool

Run the Jiffy Diagnostic tool as admin from the extracted folder to ensure proper installation.
Image description
To do this:

  1. Double-click the Jiffy-Diagnostic-Tool file.
  2. Click the Run All Tests button to begin the diagnostics.
    Image description
  3. Click the Download Report button after the diagnostics are done.
    Image description
  4. Check the report to see that System Prerequisites, JIFFY Bot Prerequisites, and JIFFY Bot show the status as Passed.

Start Developer Bot

Right-click the task bar and start the BOT as shown below.
Image description

  1. Select the Start Developer BOT as shown below.
    Image description
  2. Type the Jiffy username and password and click the Submit button.
    Image description
  3. The Developer Bot is added successfully message is displayed. Click the OKAY button.
    Image description
  4. The below window is displayed while the Bot starts.
    Image description
  5. The Jiffy Service Console window is displayed. It displays status of tasks that are executed by the user in Jiffy.
    Image description <<<<<<< HEAD

======= >>>>>>> 49070ed1a0290c1a3234d867ca4884e021bc67b9

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