Developer Bots


The Developer Bots are provided to perform the following actions on the developer’s desktop:

  1. To familiarize any application using the Jiffy UILearn App
  2. To execute the tasks from design canvas (Trial Run).
  • Bot Name: The Developer Bot name is the same as the Jiffy Username who is executing the task.
  • Action buttons: The Image description, Image description, and Image description icons that are provided against each Bot are in disabled state for Developer Bots.
  • Status: The Status of the Developer Bots have the following values:
    • At Rest: The Bot and the Windows services are started but no tasks are currently being executed.
    • Running: The Bot and the Windows services are started. Tasks associated with the Bot are getting executed.

Start/Stop Procedure

  1. Click the Image description icon from the Taskbar.
  2. Click the Start Developer Bot option. Image description

  3. In the Developer Bot dialog box that appears, specify the following details: Image description

    • Jiffy URL: This field is auto-populated with the URL of the Jiffy service running on the machine.
    • Jiffy Username: Username of the user.
    • Jiffy Password: Password of the user.
  4. When the login credentials are authenticated the console window appears.

  5. To stop the Bot, click the Stop Developer Bot option in the Bot Manager options.

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